Bennacer: Biglia my mentor

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Ismael Bennacer hopes to “learn so much” from Lucas Biglia and disagrees Inter are stronger than Milan. “We’ll only see it on the field.”

Bennacer has only been training with the Milan squad for a few weeks, but the former Empoli midfielder has already sounded out a mentor.

“It all went very quickly,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“I’ve already worked with my teammates and the Coach, we’re working and we’re growing.

“I’m happy, it’s a great challenge for me. Being benched against Verona was normal. I just have to work, I’m still new here.

“Biglia is back, he’s a great player and I have to learn a lot from him. He has a lot of experience, he’s 33 years old, he knows what to do when we have the ball and when we don’t have it.

“He’s always focused. We’re not the same player and for us it’s a good thing because I can learn so much, what he has and what I don’t have.”

The Moroccan then looked ahead to Saturday’s derby with Inter.

“We all have to think the same way about every match. The derby is more important for our fans, but for us it’s a game worth three points.

“Milan-Inter is a game that every player would like to play in. We can’t say that one team are stronger than the other, we’ll only see it on the field.

“We have to win because this match is our first big test. Inter are a great team and we’ll see what we do on Saturday.”

Source: football-italia.net

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