Francesc Aguilar, respected journalist of Mundo Deportivo: “Milan have big chances to sign Messi”

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Barcelona megastar Lionel Messi ‘has always favored Milan’ one journalist has claimed, amid reports he’ll leave the club in the coming summer transfer period.

Sixth time and reigning Ballon d’Or winner has very interesting clause in this current contract with Barcelona. According to clause he can free himself in June this year. Many reports claim that this week Argentinian had tension with some club functionaries.

Francesc Aguilar, journalist of Mundo Deportivo, thinks that Italy is going to be the next destination of Lionel Messi and he also said that Milan have the biggest chances: “Barcelona did the stupidest things they could. Messi is angry and his contract says Argentinian can leave the club on the free transfer.”

“Italy is one of his favorite countries and believe me it’s not impossible dream to see him next season playing in Serie A. Messi always favored AC Milan, but as clubs can get him on free transfer it will be very interesting to see which club can afford him,” Aguilar said to Radio Sportiva (via ArenaNapoli.it).

Italian newspaper La Repubblica has been written that Inter have the biggest chances to sign Messi but AC Milan and Juventus cannot be ruled out of this transfer.

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