Lega Serie A, no new president has been elected, Mario Cicala now acting president

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After a meeting today of the Lega Serie A, a new president has still not been elected and the decision has been postponed, according to a report from Italian media outlet Calciomercato.com.

The report details how, following on from the resignation of Gaetano Micciché, a meeting was called for today where representatives from clubs could vote on a new president for the league. However, contrasting ideas as well as opposition to certain choices meant that a vote couldn’t reach a majority, forcing a delay of the proceedings.

Lega Serie A is therefore now under the guidance of acting president Mario Cicala, the report continues. Two separate votes took place today, with either one needing 14 votes to pass, but both failed, forcing the postponement.

The League have come under fire from fans and observers for their perceiving failings in regards to the recent incidents of racism in Italian football, with some suggesting that not enough is going on to reduce the issue.

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Apollo Heyes

Source: calciomercato.com

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